Frequently Asked Questions


The Spring/Summer open enrollment period is 11/01/18 – 02/07/19

Click Here to Enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan or to Submit Your Waiver Request

The Summer open enrollment period is 03/29/19 – 07/02/19


IEP Students will now be automatically enrolled and the premium charged to your student account. For questions please call the SMU Insurance Coordinator. If you wish to enroll in dental coverage or enroll dependents, please complete the enrollment form below.

The Spring open enrollment period is 10/31/18 – 02/20/19

The May open enrollment period is 02/21/19 – 05/31/19

The Summer open enrollment period is 04/16/19 – 07/30/19

Students with dependents who wish to have dental coverage must complete the Dependent/Spouse Enrollment Form with complete payment information